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Composer of Original Music

Eric Sutherland is a composer of original music for concert, film, web content, choreography, TV and other media. He has also been a primary collaborator and creative consultant on traditional and experimental film presentations..


Sutherland studied composition in Seattle with composer Samuel Jones; at the Manhattan School of Music in New York City under the tutelage of Richard Danielpour, J. Mark Stambaugh, and Nils Vigeland; in the Netherlands with acclaimed composer Willem Jeths; and in Denmark with Niels Rønsholdt, Lasse Laursen and Simon Steen-Andersen.


Music composition, arranging, supervision, production, sound design, consultation, and training services are available.

All projects are distinct and special attention is always given to those unique requirements, whether it’s scoring for film, promotional or training videos, film trailers, music for presentations and events, television, radio or independent films. Please inquire here for specific pricing estimates.

Stylistically, his musical vocabulary covers a wide range of sonic possibilities, from sweeping, cinematic string-scapes to New Music, to electronically infused acoustic music. There is always an answer to whatever emotional impact is needed. Eric Sutherland’s passion for and emotional understanding of music drives his knowledge and intuition during the creative process. Keenly aware of how music and sound impact a production, Sutherland is known for accurately assessing the needs of a project and crafting innovative scores and sound that compliment and support the intent of that work.


Clients include:

The United Nations (UNCTAD)

The World Health Organization

The International Olympic Committee


Family Business Network

Marin Economic Forum


and private clients’ personal projects