Demo Reel Music and Other Media

Here are examples of music that showcase my style which include my demo reel music, orchestral, chamber ensemble, and experimental arrangements.

Demo Reel (audio only)

Demo Reel (With Video)

Orchestral etude 1.0

Orchestral etude 1.1 (with percussion)

Manic orchestra music (cinematic chase)

Piano, Oboe, Clarinet music

Keys and bows (Music for piano and string orchestra)


“Triplets” – i ii iii

“Directly inspired by motives and rhythms that came before it, Triplets is a re-imagining and interpretation of those basic musical building blocks, arranged and expanded upon to create a piece entirely new, yet with the same DNA as the musical material that sparked its conception. An experimental piece that falls into no particular genre, Triplets is an ambitious work in length, dynamics and heterogeneity. The piece is divided into three distinct parts (triplets) and features traditional vocals from Kazakh¬†singer Assela Ongarbayeva.” -Eric Sutherland

Additional examples of professional and personal work available upon request.